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Environmentally friendly Fibres and Flocks from sustainable sources

Personal Care

Cosmetic & Personal Care Products

Goonvean Fibres specialises in the sourcing and processing of natural fibres for the personal care and cosmetics industry globally. Allowing Goonvean Fibres to manufacture to order a wide range of materials (including high grade coir, olive stone, cotton, silk and animal hair in powder and short fibre formats) to meet your exact specification; offer R&D technical support and provide dyed materials (EU Regulation 1223/2009 Compliant) all whilst adhering to ISO 9001 & working towards EFfCI Accreditation. Goonvean Fibres supply into a broad range of applications, for a range of benefits, including increased softness, texturizing, volumizing, moisture control, viscosity control, anti-settling agent & protein extraction

Milled Fibre Powders


Milled Fibre PowdersGoonvean Fibres offer consistent milled natural fibres and powders, without the use of processing aids, into the Cosmetic Industry, with fibre lengths ranging between: 122um - 12,000um. Typical applications include cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs, protein extraction and cosmetic treatments

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An alternative to coir, milled olive stone is more commonly used in wash-off exfoliating body scrubs. Leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. Example: Cosmetic scrubs

Used in the same way as wool, our milled silk powder is perfect for protein extraction for enriched hair care products (Smoothing the cells that overlap in a liquid formulation). Example: Shampoos and conditioners

Milled cotton powder is a natural ingredient used to give a soft, luxurious feel to a wide range of product. Suitable for contact with new born skin. Neutral pH. Naturally hypoallergenic. Example: Lotions, washes and shampoo

Milled high grade wool powder is used in a range of cosmetic applications due to its reaction to moisture and density being similar to hair. As wool naturally holds charge it is a good volumiser. Example: Hair thickening

Used for Keratin production for enriched hair products, our milled wool powder has a high surface area giving a greatly improved protein yield and reduced processing time for protein extraction (using Anionic Surfactant, Enzyme and Reducing agents). Example: Shampoos and conditioners

Milled coir powder is widely used as an effective exfoliant in wash-off face and body scrubs. Neutral pH. and retains nutrients. Example: Cosmetic scrubs

Short-Cut Fibres


Short-Cut FibresGoonvean Fibres offer high quality natural and synthetic fibres into the Cosmetic Industry, with highly accurate and consistent fibre lengths ranging between: 0.1mm - 38mm. Typical applications include mascaras and beauty pads

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Our short cut Viscose Rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulose based fibre often used as an alternative to Nylon. Used as a bulking agent and for viscosity control. Increases volume and gives good dispersion. Example: Lash lengthening, volume building fibres

Our short cut nylon fibres are used to reinforce mascara giving eyelashes a fuller and longer effect. Non-reactive. Increases volume and gives good dispersion. Example: Lash lengthening, volume building fibres

Our short cut high grade silk is suitable for use in a wide range of personal care and beauty applications due to its low level of impurities, extreme softness and low bulk density. Long protein strands give uniform texture and smooth surface. Example: Light weight beauty products (inc. pads)