Wool Fibres

Wool is a wonderful natural fibre that has been used in textile manufacture for thousands of years. It has good dye affinity and is therefore widely used in the manufacture of high-quality clothing items, furnishings, and carpets. Wool is also commonly used in insulation and felting applications.

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Although it is often wool fibres that people are more familiar with, ground wool fibres or flocks are also widely used in industrial applications.

Ground wool can be chemically treated to release natural keratin, making it perfect for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care.

For applications that need a more luxurious and moisture-rich finish, high grade wool can be used. Milled high grade wool powder is used in a wide range of cosmetic and personal care applications due to its great moisture retention and high density. High grade wool reacts very similarly to hair and naturally holds it charge, making it a good volumizer and a popular addition to hair thickening shampoos.

Milled wool fibres (flock)

Our milled wool powder is used in the production of enriched hair products such as shampoos and conditioners due to its high keratin content. Our flock has a high surface area which gives a massively improved protein yield and reduced processing time for protein extraction using anionic surfactants, enzymes, and reducing agents.

We offer milled wool flock in the following sizes:

  • < 500 microns

Milled high grade wool fibres (flock)

High grade wool flock is popular with cosmetic and personal care manufacturers as it has many of the same properties as natural human hair, such as a similar reaction to moisture and a similar density. Since high grade wool also holds a static charge well, high grade wool powders are often added to hair thickening products.

We offer high grade milled wool fibre flock in the following sizes:

  • < 500 microns