Polyethylene Fibres

Polyethylene, also known as polythene or PE, is a fatigue and wear resistant plastic which is used in a wide range of applications. The most common PE application is within the packaging sector, as it is often used to make plastic bags.

block cutout bottom

Due to its flexibility, high ductility, and resistance to chemicals and water, PE is also used to manufacture piping systems, liquid dispensing equipment, and marine components.

It is also non-toxic and food safe, so is used to create food processing parts and medical equipment.

Polyethylene is also very resistant to chemicals and solvents, making it perfect for use in chute liners and chemical holding tanks.

This material is available as a precision cut fibre or ground flock, both of which are commonly used in sealants where flexibility and crack coverage are important.

Precision cut polyethylene fibres

Short cut polyethylene fibres are used in many applications, from food packaging to medical supplies. PE is an excellent resistor of electricity, making it a popular choice for wire insulation. It is also very flexible, and so is often added to paints and sealants to add flexibility and hydrophobic qualities. It can also be used to fill in cracks.

We offer short cut polyethylene fibres in the following sizes:

  • 3.30 decitex

Milled polyethylene fibres (flock)

Goonvean Fibres offers a range of synthetic polyethylene powders for use in paints, epoxy resins, and varnishes. The exact powder micron size will be determined by the end use. For example, lower micron powders are used in varnishes, mid-range sized powders are used in epoxy resins, and high micron size powders are used in paints.

We offer the following sizes:

  • < 500 microns
  • 500 – 1000 microns
  • 1001 – 5000 microns
  • > 500 microns