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Polyester Fibres

Polyester is a strong and resilient fibre that is popular in many different industrial applications. Polyester fibres are commonly used in the production of clothing and fabric. Polyester flock has a wide range of applications but is often added for strength and resistance during produc

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It is most frequently found in clothing and fabric manufacture, as polyester’s high strength and resilience makes for long-wearing products.

Polyester is resistant to stretching and shrinking and, perhaps more importantly for industrial applications, it is resistant to abrasion and acid degradation. Polyester has a relatively high specific gravity, meaning that it disperses well in water, and has a relatively high melting point.

Polyester fibres are also used to make yarns and ropes, fabrics for conveyor belts, seatbelts, coated fabrics, plastic reinforcements with high-energy absorption, and to reinforce car tires. Polyester fibre is used to pad out cushions and upholstery.

The material is also used to make films and packaging, filters, insulating tape and wire insulation, LCDs, and moulded rigid products such as canoes. It is widely used as a finish on high-quality wood products such as musical instruments and vehicle interiors.

Sprayable polyesters quickly fill wood grain, create a thick layer with every coat, and can be sanded and polished to create an attractive, durable, and high-gloss finish.

Precision cut polyester fibres

Goonvean Fibres short cut fibres are the preferred option for many applications. We can provide finer diameter filament and shorter fibres for applications such as pharmaceuticals and food packaging, as well as longer fibres for other industrial purposes.

We offer precision short cut polyester fibres in the following sizes:

  • 1.70 decitex
  • 2.10 decitex
  • 3.30 decitex
  • 6.70 decitex

Milled polyester fibres (flock)

Milled polyester flocks are used in many applications, including the reinforcement of rubber components. The addition of ground polyester adds strength, bending stiffness, and tear resistance to the final product.

We offer milled or ground polyester fibres in the following sizes:

  • < 500 microns
  • 500 – 1000 microns
  • 1001 – 5000 microns