Nylon Fibres

Nylon is the generic name for a family of synthetic polymers known generically as polyamides. It is one of the most commonly used polymers for fibre manufacture and nylon fibre is used across a wide range of applications such as refractory, sealants, casting, and plastics.

block cutout bottom

Nylon was originally named “No-Run” in reference to its durability and flexibility. However, the name was later changed to “nuron” and then to “nilon”. Nylon has been a vital material for manufacture since the 1930s.

Nylon was first used to manufacture toothbrush bristles, but is most famous for its use in stockings, tights, and hosiery.

However, nylon has many more uses in many industries. Due to its strength, high abrasion resistance, and durability, it was a successful replacement for silk in the manufacture of parachutes in the 1940s, and is also used to make tires, tents, ropes, ponchos, and other military supplies.

It is also used in the production of high-grade paper for currency, hair combs, mechanical and automobile parts, filaments, instrument strings, and cosmetics.Nylon is also an integral material in composite materials such as carbon fibre as it has great heat resistance and a high melting point.

Although there are many types of nylon, we use Nylon 6-6 for our precision cut. However, we can offer other types to suit specific needs.

Precision cut nylon fibres

Our nylon fibres are machine cut to a precise length and are used by clients across many industries and applications. These include the manufacture of adhesives, castings, composites, filters, lead acid battery plates, paints, paper, sealants, and refractories.

We offer nylon fibres in the following sizes:

  • 2.10 decitex
  • 3.30 decitex

Milled nylon flock

Milled fibres or ground flocks are also used to improve the properties of a wide range of industrial products. Ground nylon fibres are used to reinforce and strengthen products, as well as to powder coat metals.

For example, milled nylon flock is often used in marine coatings due to its resistance to harsh environments such as heat, moisture, bio-organisms, and minerals.

Nylon flocks can also be used to reinforce thermosetting resins for the compression moulding of electrical components. Composites reinforced by fibre flocks offer low warpage and excellent wear and abrasion resistance for applications including chain guides, gears, bearings, compressor vanes, and impellers.

We offer milled nylon flock in the following sizes:

  • < 500 micron