Cotton Fibres

Cotton is a natural fibre that is used in many applications across a variety of industries as it is often a less expensive and an eco-friendlier alternative to synthetic materials.

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Applications that use natural cotton fibres and flocks include the reinforcement of friction products, as a filler in adhesives and epoxy resin systems, as an additive to coatings and sealants, and in the manufacture of fine papers.

Due to its strength, softness, and good dye affinity, it is a popular fibre choice for many manufacturers.

Many global companies are becoming more concerned with the environmental impact of their materials, and so are looking for less reliance on oil based synthetic fibres and flocks. Cotton is one of the natural fibres which offers an environmentally acceptable alternative.

Milled cotton fibres (flock)

Milled cotton powder has many applications, but it is often used to give a soft and luxurious feel to a wide range of products. Since it is naturally hypoallergenic, has a neutral pH balance, and is suitable for contact with sensitive or newborn skin, it is a popular addition to lotions, washes, and shampoos. Cotton gives great dispersion and a high surface area, giving shampoos and washes better moisture control.

We are able to offer milled cotton fibre flock in the following sizes:

  • < 500 microns
  • 500 – 1000 microns
  • 1001 – 5000 microns