Commission Projects

Goonvean Fibres’ precision or short cut fibres and flocks are available in a range of decitex sizes, cut lengths, treatments, and composites and are used for reinforcement in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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These include the manufacture of adhesives, castings, composites, filters, lead acid battery plates, paints, paper, sealants and refractories.

Fibres and milled flocks are available in a range of synthetic and natural materials depending on the end use. However, we know that every application requires a different size or length, cuts, and types of material.

We are happy to take commissions and to provide the best cutting solutions for your individual needs.

Our precision short cut fibres and flocks are cut and processed using unique, in-house engineered cutting techniques, which ensure that our fibres are efficient, consistent, and high performance.

All Goonvean Fibres precision cut fibres are cut to ISO 16949:2016 quality standard, and achieve superior efficiencies, minimal fusion, and a consistent cut length.

Industrial fibres are cut and produced using a range of technical precision engineering size reduction techniques, all of which are able to handle a range of raw material formats and generate a controlled and reportable range of results.

Goonvean Fibres can offer precision cut fibres (in continuous filament form) using rotary and guillotine cutters.

We are capable of cutting many different fibres in various lengths from 0.25mm up to 50mm. For further information, please contact

Goonvean Fibres employs a range of modern processing equipment to reduce the size of numerous types of materials including fibres, films, and papers. We have processing capabilities down to ‘all passing’ 122 microns.

We offer the use of our technical skills and machinery to cut your material on a contract basis.

Our equipment ranges from simple machines capable of a few kilograms per hour to a large purpose-designed plant that is able to handle several tonnes per day. Whatever your requirements, talk to us, we specialise in milling and grinding a range of materials including fibres, powders and films.

We offer milled fibre in the following sizes:

  • < 12mm