Aramid Fibres

Aramid fibres are strong, heat-resistant fibres that are widely used in aerospace, military, and industrial applications.

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Because it is strong and resilient, aramid is often used in the manufacture of body armour fabric, bicycle tires, marine ropes and cordage, marine hull reinforcement, and as a substitute to asbestos.

Aramid fibres and flocks are also used as reinforcement and process aids during pre-form production of friction products, gaskets, and seals.

Goonvean Fibres uses para-aramids (such as Kevlar) for applications which require extremely harsh conditions. We use meta-aramids (such as Nomex) as a high performance material in slightly less harsh environments.

Depending on the end use, manufacturers will need to use different grades and types of material.

Milled aramid bi-component fibres (flocks)

Milled aramid fibres are used to improve the properties of many industrial materials and products. In fact, adding a certain amount of aramid fibre flock to a material can have a number of benefits.

For example, milled aramid fibres can be added to products whilst they are wet, and the fibres can reinforce and strengthen the product whilst it dries or vulcanises.

Aramid fibre flocks are also used by gasket or seal manufacturers because aramid has high temperature and wear resistance.

These fibres can also reinforce the base material and prevent micro-cracks from forming in the finished product, which will improve its durability and longevity.

Using aramid fibre flocks in conjunction with your base material leads to cost savings as manufacturers can cut operational costs by reducing waste, maintenance, fluid loss, and energy consumption.

Goonvean Fibres offers milled aramid bi-component fibres in the following sizes for a variety of manufacturer uses:

  • < 500 microns
  • 500 – 1000 microns
  • 1001 – 5000 microns
  • > 5000 microns