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Precision Cut Polyester 3.30 decitex

Precision Cut Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Precision Cut Polyester 3.30 decitex

Polyester fibre is a very strong and stable manmade fibre that is widely used in many industries.

Short cut Polyester is resistant to stretching and shrinking and perhaps more importantly for industrial applications it is resistant to abrasion and acid degradation. Polyester has a relatively high specific gravity, leading to it dispersing well in water and a relatively high melting point making it a good all round choice for a variety of applications.

Precision short cut polyester fibres are available in a range of lustres including bright, semi-dull, and dull. The end use and customer preference/specification will influence the final selection. It should be noted that the lustre does not affect the performance of the fibre.

Grades available include Primafloc (Bright or mixed lustre), Unifloc (Dull and semi-dull lustre).

Product variants

Product code Cut length (mm) Melting point (degC) Colour    
P6/15 1.60 240-260 White
U3/30 3.00 240-260 White
P6/30 3.00 240-260 White
U3/60 6.00 240-260 White
U3/95 9.50 240-260 White