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Refractory, Goonvean fibres provides excellent secondary reinforcing results for plastic-shrinkage crack control and increased impact resistance

Precision Cut Nylon 2.10 decitex

Precision Cut Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Precision Cut Nylon 2.10 decitex

Our short cut nylon fibres are used in a range of applications including mastic sealants, cosmetics and casting.

Standard nylon fibres are commonly used in refractory applications such as investment casting slurries.

The addition of fibre to the slurry provides reinforcement in the shell construction by adding permeability during shell firing.

Cosmetic applications include mascara reinforcement.

Product variants

Product code Cut length (mm) Melting point (degC) Colour    
N3/10 1.00 >215 White
N3/15 1.60 >215 White
N3/30 3.00 >215 White
N3/40 4.00 >215 White
N3/60 6.00 >215 White
N3/80 8.00 >215 White
N10 10.00 >215 White
N12F 12.00 >215 White
N3/120 12.00 >215 White