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Cutting Edge Fibre Technology, Goonvean Fibres is the world largest TS 16949 manufacturer of Fibre for Lead Acid Batteries

Precision Cut Acrylic 3.30 decitex

Precision Cut Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Precision Cut Acrylic 3.30 decitex

Goonvean Fibres offers short cut polyacrylonitrile 3.3 decitex fibre can be precision cut to a variety of lengths most commonly 1.6mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm.

Two grades are available, Acrylafloc and PAN G (Gold), both have the same specification but are trade names used in different applications e.g. Acrylafloc is used primarily in lead acid battery manufacture.

These fibres are used as reinforcement in the manufacturing process of lead acid battery plates, adhesives, epoxy resins, intumescent paints. sealants and industrial paints.

Product variants

Product code Cut length (mm) Melting point (degC) Colour    
AC3/15 1.60 Degradation begins >280 Gold
AC3/30 3.00 Degradation begins >280 Gold
AC3/40 4.00 Degradation begins >280 Gold
AC3/60 6.00 Degradation begins >280 Gold