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Powder and Fibres for Paints and Coatings, heavy duty industrial flooring, car parks ,outdoor and indoor structured paints are among some of the applications using fibres and powders

Powder Polypropylene < 100 microns

Powder Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Powder Polypropylene < 100 microns

Polypropylene powders are popular for the range of properties they can impart to paint and coatings, including texture, non-glare, non-slip and gloss control.

They can be used in a wide variety of coating systems such as nitro-cellulose, acryclic, alkyd and water-borne resins making them suitable for use in epoxy resin systems.

Powders are available in a variety of particle sizes in order to achieve more pronounced effects such as anti-slip or
non-blocking of paint films.

HM20/70P is easily dispersed into paint or coating systems with standard paint processing equipment, with the low specific gravity of the powders ensuring that particles migrate to the coating’s surface.

Product variants

Product code Max micron size Melting point (degC) Colour    
HM 20/70P 90 >159 White