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Powder and Fibres for Paints and Coatings, heavy duty industrial flooring, car parks ,outdoor and indoor structured paints are among some of the applications using fibres and powders

Powder Polyethylene 100 - 500 microns

Powder Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Powder Polyethylene 100 - 500 microns

Polyethylene powders are commonly used in epoxy resins, varnishes and paints.

The exact powder micron size will be determined by the end use.

A lower micron size product such as HMPE35A can be used in varnishes.

A mid range micron product such as HMPE75A is used in epoxy resins.

Higher micron sizes such as HMPE301A and HPME125A are used in paints.

Product variants

Product code Max micron size Melting point (degC) Colour    
HMPE 125A 125 131 White