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Refractory, Construction and Building, Goonvean Fibres has a range of products for reinforcing a variety of applications

Milled (flock) Viscose Rayon < 500 microns

Milled (flock) Semi-synthetic fibres

Product overview

Milled (flock) Viscose Rayon < 500 microns

Fibre flocks are used as pre-coats in wet filtration systems. They mask and bridge the open mesh in metal screens and loosely woven filter cloths.

Our filtration aids provide a number of benefits, for example, flocks must be easily dispersible, able to coat the mesh evenly and handle strongly acidic or alkaline conditions. Cellulose flocks are also resistant to cold weak acid and hot alkaline filtration liquors, and are suitable for filtering alumina plating solutions, silicates and caustic solutions.

Cellulose flocks also absorb microscopic impurities and 100% of the emulsified oil in boiler condensates.

As the flock has virtually no ash content, burning allows the metal and metal catalysts trapped within the filter flock to be reclaimed.

Some of the grades in current usage are cellulosic flock RM 60, and V6 precision cut viscose fibre.

Product variants

Product code Max micron size Melting point (degC) Colour    
RM60 250 > 210 Does not melt but decomposes White / Ecru