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Powder and Fibres for Paints and Coatings, heavy duty industrial flooring, car parks ,outdoor and indoor structured paints are among some of the applications using fibres and powders

Milled (flock) Acrylic < 500 microns

Milled (flock) Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Milled (flock) Acrylic < 500 microns

Acrylic fibre flock is used in fire resistant paints for both safety reasons and improved coverage.

Under high temperatures the fibre expands into a foam like material without burning, this expanded foam bridges gaps and cracks that resist the spread of fire and also helps to prevent smoke transfer. PAN 60 is the grade used by major manufacturers in this application.

Other key applications for this versatile fibre are in the manufacture of friction pads and plates, roof and floor sealants and adhesives.

Product variants

Product code Max micron size Melting point (degC) Colour    
PAN 60 250 Degradation begins >280 White / Ecru
PAN 500 500 Degradation begins >280 White / Ecru