Precision Cut Viscose (0.95dtex) • Goonvean Fibres
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Precision Cut Viscose (0.95dtex)

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Precision Cut Viscose (0.95dtex)


Our Precision Cut Viscose (0.95dtex) is often used as an eco-friendly alternative to nylon as a bulking agent and for viscosity control. It is excellent for increasing volume and dispersion very well in liquids and gels. Viscose (or Rayon) is a synethtised bio-degradable material produced from cellulose, that has all the green credentials of a natural material but with the ability to be extruded at different dimensions, allowing to to add flexural and tensile strength to applications and can act as a green alternative to precision cut synthetic materials


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Cut Size

0.25mm, 1.00mm, 2.00mm, 3.00mm, 4.00mm, 5.00mm, 6.00mm, 12.00mm, 20.00mm

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100g, 500g, 1000g