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Ecofloc Biodegradable Fibres (Milled)

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Ecofloc Biodegradable Fibres (Milled)


Ecofloc is a 100% bio-degradable replacement for Polyester fibres in the non-wovens industry. Ecofloc has the added benefit of being friendlier to the consumer and the planet while still being just as effective as traditional synthetic fibres. In clothing applications, Ecofloc has a range of benefits including breathability, marine biodegradability and resistance to solvents.

By combining all the added benefits of cellulose with 100% biodegradability in water, we have created a product that unlike other plastics doesn’t pose the same risk to oceans and marine life. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how you can add Ecofloc fibres to your products.


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