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Almond Stone Powder

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Almond Stone Powder


Almonds are softer than other fruit stones and nuts, which means they are gentler on the skin. Almond stone powder can be used as a gentle replacement for other powders, such as walnut, in cosmetics and scrubs. Natural, sustainable bio-based alternative to the harmful microplastics for skin care formulas. Almond stones can be ground to a range of size & sterilised if required, they are relatively soft, so can be used in more sensitive exfoliants, such as Shower gels, face washes, soap bars and other wash-off products for a gentle abrasive effect, so rather than a deep-cleanse they stimulate blood circulation and enhance the users’ overall vitality


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<300µm, 300-500µm, 500-800µm, >800µm

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100g, 500g, 1000g