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Almost all Polyacrylonitrile resins are copolymers made from mixtures of monomers with Acrylonitrile as the main component (+85%). Polyacrylonitrile or PAN fibres are well known for their intumescent properties and as the chemical precursor of high-quality carbon fibre.

Precision Cut, Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Precision Cut Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Precision Cut, Acrylic Synthetic FibresPrecision or short cut fibres in a range of decitex sizes and cut lengths are used for reinforcement in a wide variety of industrial applications. These include the manufacture of adhesives, castings, composites, filters, lead acid battery plates, paints, paper, sealants and refractories. Fibres are available in a range of synthetic and natural materials depending on the end use.

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Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) is a synthetic resin prepared by the polymerisation of acrylonitrile. A member of the important family of acrylic resins, it is a hard, rigid thermoplastic material that is resistant to most solvents and chemicals, slow to burn, and of low permeability to gases. PAN fibre is therefore used in many different applications where these attributes are specified.

Polyacrylonitrile fibres are used as reinforcement in a variety of applications including paints, roof and floor water proof coatings, adhesives and sealants. These short cut fibres are ideal for crack bridging and covering uneven surfaces.

Milled (flock), Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Milled (flock) Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Milled (flock), Acrylic Synthetic FibresMilled fibres also known as random length or ground flocks are routinely used to improve the properties of a wide range of industrial products. The addition of a controlled amount of these flocks can achieve a number of benefits. For example, milled fibres can reinforce and add strength to a product while drying, curing or vulcanising, as well as preventing the formation of micro cracks, which ultimately reduce the integrity of a product. Milled fibre products also contribute towards the strength, toughness and abrasion resistance of the finished product.

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Acrylic fibre flock is used in fire resistant paints for safety reasons and improved coverage. Under high temperatures the fibre expands into a foam like material without burning, this expanded foam bridges gaps and cracks that resist the spread of fire and also helps to prevent smoke transfer. Addition of fibre depends on gap to be covered and burn time requirement e.g. 5% for 30 minutes and 10% for 60 minutes depending on the other materials in close proximity i.e. untreated wooden doors will be breached faster than sealed frames etc

Acrylic fibre flock is a polyacrylonitrile fibre used as an alternative to asbestos for the manufacture of brake pads and clutch plates. The fire resistant properties of the material also make it an ideal choice in intumescent applications such as paints and sealants.