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Fibres for Adhesives & Sealants, Goonvean Fibres manufactures a range of products for use in tile and flooring adhesives

Olive Stone Natural Fibres

Flours and Grits

Goonvean Fibres offers flours and grits for use in applications including mildly abrasive hand cleaners and deflashing, deburring and surface conditioners, and static eliminating anti-slip additives. Oil-drilling applications frequently utilise loss circulation control additives, while low specific gravity fillers are often used in vinyl compound adhesives and thermosetting resins. Olive stone grits EFOG and OSF are used in a number of these applications.

Olive Stone Powder

Fine ground powders Olive Stone Natural Fibres

Olive Stone PowderGoonvean Fibres offers a range of synthetic polypropylene and polyethylene powders for use in paints, epoxy resins and varnishes. Where synthetic powders are unsuitable natural alternatives are available in the form of olive stone flours and grits .

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Natural ground olive stones are odorless organic materials ground to fine flours, granules and pits. These inexpensive natural materials are used in a variety of applications such as paints, cosmetics and non slip coatings.

An alternative to coir, milled olive stone is more commonly used in wash-off exfoliating body scrubs. Leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. Example: Cosmetic scrubs