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Cutting Edge Fibre Technology, Goonvean Fibres is the world largest TS 16949 manufacturer of Fibre for Lead Acid Batteries

Mod-Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Precision Cut Fibres

Mod-acrylic fibre is defined as a long-chain synthetic polymer composed of less than 85%, but at least 35% by weight of acrylonitrile. Typical characteristics include, softness, strength, resilience and dimensional stability. Mod-acrylic has outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Precision Cut, Mod-Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Precision Cut Mod-Acrylic Synthetic Fibres

Precision Cut, Mod-Acrylic Synthetic FibresPrecision or short cut fibres in a range of decitex sizes and cut lengths are used for reinforcement in a wide variety of industrial applications. These include the manufacture of adhesives, castings, composites, filters, lead acid battery plates, paints, paper, sealants and refractories. Fibres are available in a range of synthetic and natural materials depending on the end use.

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Goonvean Fibres recommends modacrylic fibre for applications where a combination of softness, strength, resilience, and dimension stabilty are demanded. Modacrylic fibres can be easily dyed, show good press and shape retention, and are quick to dry. They have outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Goonvean Fibres offers a short cut 17 decitex precision cut fibre that is used in applications where fibre strength and resiliance are required. As the material is resistant to high temperature and does not burn it is commonly used as an intumescent material in adhesives, resins and paints.