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Goonvean Fibres offers a wide range of Synthetic Fibres for use in Sealants

Commission Milling Natural & Synthetic Fibres

Contract Processing

Goonvean Fibres employs a range of modern processing equipment to reduce the size of numerous types of materials including fibres, films and papers, with processing capabilities down to 'all passing' 122 microns. This service is offered on a contract basis. Use our technical skills and machinery to cut your material. Our equipment ranges from sample machines capable of a few kilograms per hour to large purpose-designed plant that is able to handle several tonnes per day. Whatever your requirements, talk to us, we specialise in milling and grinding a range of materials including fibres, powders and films.

Milled (flock), Commission Milling Natural & Synthetic Fibres

Milled (flock) Commission Milling Natural & Synthetic Fibres

Milled (flock), Commission Milling Natural & Synthetic FibresMilled fibres also known as random length or ground flocks are routinely used to improve the properties of a wide range of industrial products. The addition of a controlled amount of these flocks can achieve a number of benefits. For example, milled fibres can reinforce and add strength to a product while drying, curing or vulcanising, as well as preventing the formation of micro cracks, which ultimately reduce the integrity of a product. Milled fibre products also contribute towards the strength, toughness and abrasion resistance of the finished product.

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Capable of milling various materials from 250 micron up to 12,000 micron. If you have a requirement for commissioned milling please contact