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Why should you add fruit stone powders to your cosmetics?

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Fruits have been a staple of beauty and cosmetic products for thousands of years as they have a whole host of natural and powerful benefits. From olives to walnuts to berries, the natural powder or grit that comes from fruit stones can help enhance the benefits of cosmetics and beauty products.

Fruit stone powders are becoming more and more popular as many consumers and companies are conscious of the need for natural and ‘clean’ products, or those that don’t heavily rely on plastics.

If you’ve never thought about adding fruit stone powders or grits to your cosmetics or beauty products, here are our top 3 reasons why you should.

1. Fruit stone powders make a fantastic exfoliant

Because fruit stone powder has high grain stability, hardness, and fairly regular shaped granules, it makes a great exfoliant for face and body scrubs.

The powder or granules work to remove dead skin gently but effectively, leaving the face or body smoother and more supple.

Popular scrub ingredients include olive stone powder, apricot stone powder, almond shell powder, and walnut shell powder because of their exfoliant qualities.

2. They can help to care for sensitive skin and allergies

Fruit stone powder and grit is also much better for sensitive skin than other natural granules such as nut, wood, corn, cellulose, silica, and pumice. This is because it can be made to have fairly uniform grains which is much gentler on the skin and results in fewer micro-abrasions.

Fruit powders often include natural lipids and fats, which help make whatever product they’re added to (for example, lotions or soaps) thicker, more luxurious, and more moisturising. This moisture can be great for those with dry or sensitive skin.

What’s more, because of the wide variety of fruit that can be used to make cosmetics, you are able to choose which to use based on your own individual requirements. For example, you might choose to use apricot or olive stone powder as fruit powders have a low chance of inducing allergic reactions (unlike nut grains). This makes fruit stone an excellent choice for sensitive skin products.

Our fruit stone powders and grits are also cosmetic approved as they contain low levels of bio-content and can be sterilised as required.

3. They provide great results without harming the planet

As previously mentioned, natural and eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular with consumers, particularly consumers of cosmetics and beauty products.

Fruit stone is a good solution to this need, as it is an inexpensive natural material that uses the discarded waste from fruit production. In cosmetics and scrubs, they give similar abrasion to microplastics whilst being much more natural and eco-friendly.

In conclusion

Fruit stone powders and grits are an effective and natural way to enhance cosmetics and beauty products. From providing plastic-free exfoliation to enhancing the look and feel of lotions and creams, fruit stone has an important role to play in current and future cosmetic trends.

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