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Benefits to using Thermafloc+

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Here at Goonvean Fibres, we have specifically engineered a brand-new fibre that will improve the performance and longevity of an AGM battery.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to Thermafloc+, a fibre that is going to change the way your batteries perform, for the better.

There are three key benefits to adding Thermafloc+ into your products, and those are:

Thermal Stability (°C) – Ability to withstand prolonged heat exposure without loss of performance.

Measure through TGS – looking for a loss of mass.

Shrinkage (%) – Ability to retain dimensional stability when exposed to 100°C heat.

Measure through length change at 100°C.

Dispersion (1-5 Grade) – Ability to disperse evenly throughout a low viscosity fluid without clumping or ribboning to ensure no weak spots. Measure through a grading system of the number of visual agglomerations.

When it comes to Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, or AGM as they are more commonly known, they tend to have a longer service life than other batteries, so adding in Thermafloc+ into your product will ensure you have thermal stability assured.

To find out more information about this fibre, and download our specifications sheet head over to our Thermafloc+ battery fibre page.