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The Best Fibres for Paint & Coating Products

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Fibres for paint and coating products

Goonvean Fibres is renowned for its wide selection of materials that help produce high-performance paint and coating formulations. Our paint and coating fibres are used in architectural, automotive, and industrial applications and our powders are used to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of coating products.

We specialise in creating natural and synthetic fibres to help produce high-quality products for various industries worldwide. In this blog, we’ve outlined the best fibres for paint and coating applications.


Acrylic is a transparent plastic that is easy to fabricate, bond and thermoform. It is favoured for its strength, durability, and outstanding weathering properties. Like all plastics, acrylic plastics are polymers which are a material made up of molecules that form a chain.

Our specialists manufacture acrylic for decorative paints and coatings to improve crack resistance, viscosity control and to prevent sagging.


Polyester (also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate PET) is a synthetic, man-made polymer. To put it simply, it is a kind of plastic and makes up 60 per cent of our clothing materials worldwide.

Our polyester can help produce quality primers, topcoats, and intermediate coatings. Polyester will enhance durability, multi-system compatibility, inert, and prevent scratches.


Goonvean Fibres manufacture Polypropylene (PP) for coating products. It is a linear hydrocarbon polymer and is one of the most used thermoplastics in the world for paints and coatings, automotive, textiles and more.

Our polypropylene fibres are rugged, and resistant to chemical solvents, bases, and acids, making them ideal for various paint and coating applications, including anti-slip coatings for floors.

Olive Stone 

Our olive stone is an exceptional natural alternative to synthetic materials. Olive stone can help make paints and coatings more durable and longer-lasting. It also has anti-slip and anti-sag properties. Olive stone is used widely in coatings and for vehicle painting applications, such as boats and ships, to make them safer.

Aramid Fibres 

Aramid fibres are a class of strong, heat resistant synthetic fibres. Aramid fibres also have high tenacity and resistance to stretch, chemicals and wear and tear. They are a great choice for fire-resistant paints, plus, aerospace, military and marine paint and coating applications.

Modacrylic Fibres 

We manufacture quality modacrylic fibres. They have similar properties to acrylic fibres and have outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents. The fibres are resistant to heat and do not burn, making them great for flooring products and fire-resistant paints as they self-extinguish.


Believe it or not, cotton is an excellent material for coating products to improve slump and resist sag. Cotton is a natural alternative to synthetic materials that provide quality structure for a variety of coating products.  


We provide high-quality fibres and nylon powders for a wide range of industries, including the marine industry. We produce a durable and wear-resistant nylon, a plastic material ideal for making marine paint. It is flexible and resistant to both chemicals and water so it can withstand the harshest environments.

Polyethylene Powder 

Polyethylene powder (PE) is a plastic popular for its wear resistance. It is widely known for producing plastic bags and is used by countless industries worldwide for other products. PE is commonly applied to paints, varnishes, and epoxy resins. It can also be used in coatings for an anti-slip grip.

Contact us for further information on the fibres and powders we manufacture for paints and coatings. Alternatively, you can order samples of our products via our product pages.