Commission Cutting And Grinding For The Ideal Fibre Product

How Commission Cutting & Grinding Can Help You Achieve the Perfect Product

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We carry out commission projects on a contractual basis to help achieve the perfect product for our clients.

Commission cutting and grinding is designed to tailor to individual business’s specific needs, with a whole host of fibres and materials at your disposal.

We also offer the best cutting solutions in the event of any challenges. As one of Europe’s leading producers of technical fibre solutions, our clients have full confidence that we can help them achieve the perfect product. From the UK and USA to over 50 countries across the globe, we process tonnes of cut fibre products and speciality powders for export that meet our client’s exact specifications.

Our fibres and milled flocks are available in either natural or synthetic materials. We offer commission cutting and grinding as we understand applications require different sizes, lengths, cuts, or materials. We have a warehouse located in the US that distributes Goonvean Fibre products using the Just in Time (JIT) inventory method. This ensures we are as efficient as possible, decrease fibre waste, and reduce the cost for clients.

Industrial Fibre Cutting

Our fibres help reinforce a variety of industrial applications. Our production includes technical and precise size reduction techniques to help achieve a product that can withstand a range of raw material formats. This process enables us to get accurate and controlled results to meet business needs and gain end-user satisfaction.

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Precision Cut Fibres

Using unique, in-house engineering techniques, our short cut fibres and flocks are manufactured with maximum efficiency, performance, and consistency in mind, as well as with minimal fusion. They are also cut to a quality standard (IATF 16949:2016).

We can offer fibres precisely cut in various lengths from 0.1mm to 50mm in continuous filament form using rotary and guillotine cutters.

Milled Fibre Flocks

We specialise in milling and grinding a whole host of raw material formats to produce fibre flock. Our elite machinery ensures we have the flexibility to produce small pilot trials to large projects of several tonnes a day, based on our client’s specific needs. Our modern processing equipment can also reduce the size of many materials.

For milled fibres, we offer cut lengths from 0.1mm-12mm.

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Commission Cutting and Grinding on a Contractual Basis

We take on contract work for clients across the globe, providing them with consistent and efficient quality products based on their terms. We believe that this method is the ideal solution to help you achieve the perfect product.

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