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Green Manufacturing: The Advantages of a Sustainable Business

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Growth and business sustainability

Manufacturing is a vital component of the economy. The sector employs over 2.5 million people across the UK and has wages 15 per cent higher than the national average. Overall, the manufacturing sector is responsible for around 45 per cent of all UK exports. Despite these positives, the sector is also responsible for carbon emissions and high energy consumption.

Many manufacturing businesses are aware of their impact and are adopting sustainable and eco-friendly methods that benefit both the planet and businesses in several ways. At Goonvean Fibres, we have implemented several eco-friendly practices, and are constantly innovating new ways to become an even more eco-conscious, sustainable business.

What is Green Manufacturing?

Green manufacturing is essentially where workers commit to reducing waste, recycling, and reusing materials, reducing pollution, and moderating their emissions. The initiative consists of renewable production processes and eco-friendly practices to enact positive changes.

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Environmentally friendly practices benefit manufacturing companies in many ways, from reducing costs to increased productivity in operations. The transition may seem difficult, but the process of becoming sustainable is easy.

How Can a Business Implement Green Manufacturing?

There are a few simple ways for businesses to implement green manufacturing:

Conduct an Energy Audit 

If you’re a manufacturing business that wants to create an eco-conscious facility, an energy audit is a quick and easy way to get started. An audit will analyse your energy consumption and help you determine the best eco-friendly improvements, from energy-efficient lighting to implementing renewable sources to generate power.

Review Your Product Designs & Materials

By regularly reviewing your products, you can spot inefficiencies to figure out how to make the production more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you haven’t already, start by limiting the use of plastic in product manufacturing.

Educate Employees

Educate your employees about the benefits of green manufacturing and how they can help to reduce the company’s environmental impact and put it into action in the workplace.

Create a Waste Management Plan

Make sure your business has a waste management plan in place and is recycling as much as possible to limit your impact, save money and increase efficiency. Ensure all your waste is being disposed of correctly and that it’s easy for your employees to make the switch by investing in more recycling bins, for example. You could also create a waste audit.

Work with Environmentally Friendly Partners

As your manufacturing business becomes more sustainable, showcase to your customers how serious you are by working alongside other firms and suppliers who have made similar commitments to sustainability.

Upgrade Your Equipment & Machinery

Surprisingly, outdated equipment and machinery could be having more of a negative impact than you realise. New technology could reduce your energy consumption and speed up production.

You could also install an EPMS (electrical power management system) to monitor your energy practices in real-time so you can track what equipment and machinery are increasing your energy consumption with historical data.

What are the Advantages of a Sustainable Business?

Sustainability has become more than just a fad. The initiative has a whole host of benefits when conscientiously integrated into manufacturing operations. Out of the many benefits, we’ve narrowed down some of the major advantages, including:

  • Your business will save money
  • Helps build a green reputation by showing your customers that you care
  • Helps meet consumer demands
  • Creates a cleaner and safer working environment for employees
  • Some businesses are eligible for tax credits and reductions
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Increased productivity and morale in employees
  • Sustainable manufacturing helps increase resource efficiency, making better use of resources such as water and energy

Manufacturing sustainability may have its roots in environmentalism, but it has quickly become a sound business decision with tangible benefits. When businesses make an effort to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, they enjoy cost savings, improved public image, and meet consumer demands.

For more information about green manufacturing and sustainability, check out our latest blog about how Goonvean Fibres achieve it. To find out more about our products, contact us.