Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Tips To Increase Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Top Tips to Increase Your Sustainability

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Businesses are becoming greener and more sustainable as concerns over climate change grow. There are many advantages to sustainable manufacturing, and not only will it help the planet, but it also modernises businesses. 

Buyers are now on the hunt for sustainable products and services so they can commit to sustainability and adopt green policies and initiatives. Studies show that green companies will experience faster growth when compared to less eco-conscious competitors.

Sustainability, eco-friendly processes, and efficient practices are at the forefront of social responsibility and marketing strategies. Some of the benefits to becoming an eco-friendly manufacturer include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Contributes to saving the environment
  • Improved brand recognition and support
  • Attracts new customers and employees
  • Savings on tax credits
  • Contribution to the economy
  • And more

Whether you’re a small or large manufacturing company, switching to greener, more sustainable initiatives will empower workforces and help save the planet. So, what can manufacturers do to increase sustainability?

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1. Analyse Your Current Environmental Impact 

The first and most important step to becoming an eco-friendly manufacturer is to analyse and identify your current environmental impact for areas of improvement.

Look at how much energy you are consuming. More than 80% of total greenhouse gas emissions are from energy production. So, start looking at the materials you use for production to identify eco-friendly alternatives. You can calculate the carbon footprint of your business to help bring to light the areas your facility can improve on.

Reduce waste and recycle for eco-friendly manufacturing

2. Reduce Waste & Recycle 

Goonvean Fibres operate on a reduced waste basis, and we are aiming to become a zero-to-landfill company. Reducing waste and recycling is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment. Identify where you can improve and reduce, reuse, and recycle where possible.

Manufacturers could provide reusable cups and glasses in the workplace, use refillable printer cartridges and rechargeable batteries, challenge staff to a zero-waste lunch, incorporate recycling bins and much more.

3. Implement Green Energy Alternatives 

Goonvean Fibres’ facility runs on renewable energy that doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions. The roof of the factory has solar PV panels that use sunlight to source clean, green energy and supplies electricity for the entire workplace.

Leveraging renewable energy is one of the best ways to create a sustainable workplace, contribute to a healthier environment, and save money on energy costs.

Reduce plastic for eco-friendly manufacturing

4. Review Product Developments 

Analyse your past products. Look at the materials and packaging you use, then think about what could be more eco-friendly. Using recycled materials, less material or reducing product packaging are easy ways to reduce your impact without affecting your product’s integrity.

Reduce water consumption for eco-friendly manufacturing

5. Reduce Water Consumption 

By conserving water, you will be conserving a huge amount of energy. Reducing water is a sustainable consumption of our planet’s resources. Manufacturing facilities can use less water to gain significant cost savings, faster turnaround times and fewer delays on processes. You can check for leaks, install advanced water-efficient technologies and landscaping techniques, and implement simple, everyday water conservation techniques to increase your water sustainability.

Make your company culture known to be a well known eco-friendly manufacturing company

6. Make it Part of Your Company Culture 

Encourage your employees to take part in your sustainability mission to make transitioning to a green workplace easier. This will attract more customers, as well as staff.

You can promote your green company culture on your website and social media platforms to increase your reach and build public trust. Goonvean Fibres was recently awarded a silver level recognition for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability from EcoVadis. Our manufacturing company strongly believe in giving something back to the community on a local and global scale and have made this part of our company culture.

Goonvean Fibres is on track to acquire an ISO 14001 accreditation by the middle of the year, an international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). It will tighten our focus on reducing environmental impact and ensure legal compliance.

If you would like further advice about sustainable practices in manufacturing, you can read more on how we achieve it.

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