Coronavirus Update

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Goonvean Fibres recognises its responsibility towards our customers, to visitors to our factory and our employees. The health and safety of all is a matter of our highest priority.

We are therefore closely monitoring the increased level of detected cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK and we continue to expand our response as follows;

All worldwide travel and non-essential UK based business travel has been restricted and we are encouraging the use of web based communications with all customers where possible.

Employees who expect they may be at risk or think they have been infected are required to inform the company immediately, a risk assessment has been performed and the company will advise any ‘at risk’ employees when they should return to work.

All employees that are able to work from home are now doing so to reduce risk to them and essential production staff.
Staff welfare arrangements have been reviewed to increase hygiene routines and minimise gatherings of groups of staff to reduce the risk of passing on any infections.

External visitors and delivery drivers will be required to state relevant information (state of health, country of origin) and offered a voluntary temperature check where necessary. We ask all non-essential visitors to our factory to delay their visit until later in the year at a time when the situation has improved.

All raw material stock levels have been reviewed – in certain cases we have enough raw material to last over 9 months.
Current situation: Business as usual

Whilst we have no recorded cases of the virus within our immediate community we are continuing to ensure we are in a position to offer our existing customers and distributors improved lead times on regularly ordered products to enhance your business continuity plans during the current period of uncertainty.

We will continue to communicate our policies to staff and customers through our website as they evolve.

Thank you for your continued support.