Why should you add fruit stone powders to your cosmetics?

Fruits have been a staple of beauty and cosmetic products for thousands of years as they have a whole host of natural and powerful benefits. From olives to walnuts to berries, the natural powder or grit that comes from fruit stones can help enhance the benefits of cosmetics and beauty products. Fruit stone powders are

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Benefits to using Thermafloc+

thermafloc stability ensured logo

Here at Goonvean Fibres, we have specifically engineered a brand-new fibre that will improve the performance and longevity of an AGM battery. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to Thermafloc+, a fibre that is going to change the way your batteries perform, for the better. There are three key benefits to

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Why choose Primafloc+?

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The production of Lithium-Ion Batteries is increasing, and we have developed a brand-new fibre that will help the Lead-Acid Battery keep pace. By incorporating Primafloc+ into your battery, it will improve the charge acceptance and help combat water loss without losing any of the physical benefits our traditional fibres deliver. Polymeric Fibres are used in

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