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Fibres into Paints & Coatings applications

paints with added fibre for a range of applications

Paints and coatings come in a variety of different types from architectural coatings used to maintain and beautify buildings, to special purpose coatings that can be used in marine and automotive applications. We have worked with different companies in a variety of industries to help them improve their paint applications through the addition of fibres

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At Goonvean Fibres, we offer a range of natural, fibres that are proven to be better for the skin, better for the ocean, and better for the planet. is a 100% biodegradable and can be used as a replacement for Polyester fibres in nonwoven applications. Made from Modified Cellulose Acetate, it holds a wide range

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Charity Christmas Raffle

It may not have felt like the most wonderful time of the year for Christmas in 2020, but we knew we had to make the best of a difficult situation and decided to hold a charity raffle for our staff to bring a bit of festive joy to the last day in the factory. This

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Cardboard Tube Creations

Shortly after we all returned to the new ‘normal’ way of life for many of us, we contacted some of our local primary schools to see if they could make use of any of our cardboard tubes which were left as wastage from our manufacturing process. Not only did it mean that we were able

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Benefits to using Thermafloc+

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Here at Goonvean Fibres, we have specifically engineered a brand-new fibre that will improve the performance and longevity of an AGM battery. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to Thermafloc+, a fibre that is going to change the way your batteries perform, for the better. There are three key benefits to

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Why choose Primafloc+?

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The production of Lithium-Ion Batteries is increasing, and we have developed a brand-new fibre that will help the Lead-Acid Battery keep pace. By incorporating Primafloc+ into your battery, it will improve the charge acceptance and help combat water loss without losing any of the physical benefits our traditional fibres deliver. Polymeric Fibres are used in

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Coronavirus Update

Goonvean Fibres recognises its responsibility towards our customers, to visitors to our factory and our employees. The health and safety of all is a matter of our highest priority.
We are therefore closely monitoring the increased level of detected cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK and we continue to expand our response

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