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Filtration fibres can be manufactured according to your specific requirements.

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Goonvean Fibres produces a range of short cut fibres and milled flocks that can be used in wet or dry water treatment and filtration systems.

Specialist filtration fibres prevent solid particles from passing through the filter, thereby increasing the quality of various types of filter and their durability.

Our filtration fibres have wide and varied benefits for filtration applications.

These include having excellent heat and sound insulation properties, low density, high tensile strength when wet or dry, and resistance to heat and light.

Find the right product for your filtration

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Our filtration fibres include:

< 500 microns Viscose

3.30 decitex Viscose

28.00 decitex Viscose

Viscose rayon is widely used in filter paper and filter aids.

The material has an exceptional dye affinity and is 100% biodegradable, making it ideal for use in applications which demand environmental control.

Goonvean Fibres offers several sizes and forms of viscose rayon, which can all be used to fulfil different technical needs.

3.30 decitex

Polyester is a popular choice in filtration as it provides excellent temperature and acid resistance, as well as being very strong, durable, and permeable.

< 500 microns

Cotton is an excellent natural fibre that is often used in filtration as it is very strong, lasts a long time, has a high dye affinity, and is versatile. Cotton paper can be used to filter liquids by separating solid particles from a solution. It can also be made into strong filter cloth for filter bags, filter sleeves, and dust collection.