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Specialising in the sourcing and processing of natural and synthetic cosmetic fibres.

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Fibre and fibre flock is routinely used in the cosmetics and personal care industry for a variety of reasons.

For example, fibres such as nylon, bio-based polymers, or silk can be added to mascara formulations to make them more volumizing and to give the lash more length.

Goonvean Fibres products have a range of benefits when used in cosmetic applications, including increased softness, texturizing, volumizing, moisture control, viscosity control, anti-settling properties, and protein extraction.

We specialise in the sourcing and processing of natural and synthetic cosmetic fibres for a wide range of industries globally, which means that we have a lot of experience and expertise.

In a highly regulated industry such as cosmetics, our clients can rest assured that they are purchasing high quality, sustainably produced materials.

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Makeup and cosmetics

Cosmetic fibres are a common addition to makeup and cosmetic products, such as lash lengthening mascara. These fibres can add strength, softness, volume, shine, and many other benefits to cosmetic products whilst not disrupting the products’ formulations and consistency too much.

The following fibres are available for use in makeup and cosmetic applications:

1.1 decitex

Ecofloc is a modified cellulose acetate that is unique to Goonvean Fibres. The 100% biodegradable product is often offered as an alternative to nylon and other non-biodegradable products. The size and shape of the fibres helps give the final cosmetic product a feeling of softness and allows good spreadability and dispersibility. Other key benefits include wet strength and the ability to retain dimensional stability in solutions.

1.70 decitex

Our short cut viscose rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulose based fibre which is often used as another alternative to nylon. Viscose rayon has good density and is often used as a bulking agent and for viscosity control. This material easily increases volume and gives good dispersion.

3.30 decitex

Nylon is a non-reactive synthetic fibre which is often used to reinforce mascara and to give eyelashes a longer, fuller, and more fanned-out effect. Nylon increases volume and gives good dispersion to a variety of cosmetics.

1.0 decitex

Silk can be used in cosmetic applications to make formulas feel more luxurious and moisturising. Silk is well known for its excellent softness, smoothness, moisture retention, oil trapping abilities, and shine enhancing properties.


Exfoliation is a huge part of the health and beauty industry. Skin naturally renews approximately every month and if those cells are not shed then skin can become extremely dry, flaky, and patchy. Microplastics and microbeads have been used in face and body scrubs for many years, but due to rising environmental concerns, there is now a global ban on microplastics.

At Goonvean Fibres, we offer a range of natural exfoliants which are better for the skin, better for the ocean, and better for the planet. These are also sterilised to ensure complete safety.

Our natural milled fibre powders for scrubs are:

500 – 1000 microns

Milled coir powder is widely used as an effective exfoliant in wash-off face and body scrubs. It has a neutral pH and retains nutrients, making it fairly gentle and great for use in moisturising scrubs.

100 – 500 microns

Milled olive stone is often used as a hypoallergenic alternative to nut scrubs and powders. It has fairly regularly sized granules which leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

300 – 800 microns

As they are relatively soft, almonds are a popular choice for manufacturers of natural exfoliants. Their gentle abrasive effect makes them a good alternative to other grits, which can be rough on the skin.

100 – 800 microns

Almonds are softer than other fruit stones and nuts, which means they are gentler on the skin. 

Almond shell can be used as a gentle replacement for other powders, such as walnut, in cosmetics and scrubs.

100 – 800 microns

Fruit stone has become a very popular bio-based alternative to microbeads, especially in face, body, and foot scrubs. 

Apricot stone is a popular choice as it is relatively soft compared to other fruit stones such as walnut shells. This reduces skin irritation in products such as scrubs and lotions.

300 – 800 microns

This can be used as an eye-catching, colourful addition to skin care such as soaps, gels, cleaners and scrubs.

Raspberry Seed is a gentle yet effective exfoliant that is suitable for sensitive skin or for those with nut allergies.

300 – 800 microns

Blueberries are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are said to help protect the skin from damage and help to repair cell repair. This means that blueberry stone grit can be used in scrubs to help rejuvenate and give a glow to the skin.

Shampoo and lotions

Cosmetic fibres are increasingly common in shampoos and lotions as softening and thickening aids. For example, keratin-rich fibres can be added to shampoos to help the hair feel thicker and fuller after washing.

The following milled powders are regularly added to shampoos and lotions to enhance them:

< 500 microns

Milled cotton powder is a natural ingredient that is used to give a soft and luxurious feel to a wide range of products, particularly cosmetics and lotions. Cotton is very gentle, naturally hypoallergenic, and has a neutral pH, making it suitable for contact with new-born skin. It also has a moisture regulating effect which prevents rapid drying and cracking.

< 500 microns

Wool is high in keratin and has similar properties to human hair. Because wool has excellent moisture retention properties and adds volume to liquids, it is often used in enriched hair products and lotions. Our milled wool powder has a high surface area giving a greatly improved protein yield and reduced processing time for protein extraction. We are able to supply fibres for protein extraction from ovine (sheep wool) keratin and caprine (cashmere) keratin.

< 500 microns

Ovine keratin is known to protect and strengthen hair, as it compliments and supports hair’s natural protein protective layer. It also returns elasticity and reduces breakage whilst improving resistance to harsh chemicals.

Caprine keratin can provide high moisture binding capacities, providing a protective barrier on the hair or skin. It also strengthens hair and improves manageability by combating frizz.

< 500 microns

Used in the same way as wool, our milled silk powder is perfect for protein extraction for enriched hair care products. It is excellent at smoothing any cells that overlap in a liquid formulation, making the end product feel smooth and luxurious.

Personal care

Softness and gentleness are vital components of many personal care products, such as facial pads. Fibres are routinely added to increase the strength and softness and to improve the texture of personal care items.

The following fibres are regularly used in personal care products:

< 500 microns

Milled cotton powder is used to give a soft and luxurious feel to personal care items. For example, it is added to facial beauty pads to increase strength and improve texture. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and gentle, making it suitable for sensitive skin.