Fibres and flocks are vital to a huge variety of industries. With over 30 years of experience, Goonvean Fibres is a global leader in industrial technical fibre and has assisted customers in a variety of different industries.



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Our products are used across the world to reinforce materials, improve green strength, prevent cracking, enhance permeability, filter impurities, or to add texture and non-slip properties.

We offer a wide range of specialist raw materials, such as processed fibres, polymer powders, and powders from natural sources.

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Our range of technical fibres mean that lead acid battery manufacturers can choose a solution that best suits their needs. From polyester and polypropylene to Primafloc+ and Thermafloc+, our fibres can improve the performance and the longevity of batteries.

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Fibres and powders aren’t used for purely technological or architectural reasons, but are also widely used in the cosmetics industry, such as in mascaras, hair thickening treatments, and exfoliants. Our fibres and powders are cosmetic-grade, and many are ideal for personal care and cosmetic applications.

Cosmetic collection
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Paints & Coatings

Many of our products add a unique set of properties to paints and coatings. From resistance to mud and micro-cracking to improving strength and longevity, we have the perfect product to optimise decorative coatings, floor coatings, marine paint, primers, and top coats.

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Oil & Gas

Fibres and powder flocks are used in the oil and gas industry to reinforce pipes, to strengthen sealants, in cleaning, and for filtration. Goonvean Fibres offer high-quality short cut fibres and flocks that can be used for a variety of oil and gas applications where performance and durability is key.

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Our precision short cut fibres and fibre flocks are produced in a variety of natural and synthetic fibres, including cotton, viscose rayon, nylon, polyester, and aramids. These fibres are used and trusted by a number of customers to provide flexible reinforcement and improves tear strength to rubber compounds, such as those used to manufacture transmission belts, seals, hoses, and adhesives.

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Fibres and milled flocks are used in a variety of filtration systems to improve durability and efficiency. Whether it’s air and water filtration or medical filtration devices, our products provide low density, high tensile strength that enhance our customers’ products and improving porosity control.

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Cotton, cellulose, polyacrylonitrile or aramid short cut fibres and fibre flocks are used in many friction applications. They provide a wide range of benefits, such as fade resistance, extended life, non-aggressive wear on drum and discs, and lining surface powder/additive retention ensuring even distribution of materials throughout.

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Paper & Nonwovens

From packaging to security, paper plays an important part in a wide range of industries. Goonvean Fibres uses a range of cutting-edge modern processing equipment to produce quality paper and nonwoven materials. This includes reduced size, eco-friendly paper and packaging as well as films and vastly improving wet strength, ensuring paper integrity in damp or wet conditions.

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The long life span of composite materials is ideal for the construction industry as they reliably reinforce building materials, have lower life cycle costs and reduced maintenance costs. Fibres and powders are used across the construction industry, whether that be housing or architectural. Goonvean Fibres products can be used to successfully prevent concrete cracking and increase tensile strength of building materials, increasing working time & improving flow of high-solid fluids.

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Both our short cut and long precision cut fibres are used by a variety of customers involved in refractory. Dispersing specialist fibres throughout pre-cast matrices can reduce vapour pressure, mitigate any risk of explosion, and decrease the risk of cracking whilst increasing permeability, drying rate, and green strength.

Concrete pipes