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Converted Products

Strategic Collaboration Between

Goonvean Fibres and Converted Products Inc

UK based Goonvean Fibres Limited announced June 6th 2014 a new strategic collaboration with Converted Products, Inc based in United States. This collaboration will focus on short-cut technical fibres and pasting papers for the global Lead Acid Battery market.

This collaboration brings significant strategic benefit to both companies and their respective customer base, including the ability to initiate programs which will complement their unique technical and manufacturing resources. This synergy will benefit from the combined technical knowledge and global sales resources, with an emphasis on geographic and export expansion.

This partnership gives battery customers direct access to a wealth of experience and technical expertise and the opportunity to reduce costs through combined material deliveries.

John Opie, Goonvean Fibres Managing Director said that:

“It became apparent at a very early stage of my preliminary discussions with Chris that Converted Products Inc is a very similar company to Goonvean Fibres Ltd in respect to Quality, Service and Precision products. The company set up by Chris Gorenc in 1993 has lost none of its original ideology that customer care, great service, great products at a competitive price and attention to detail are essential in any business, this mirrors the philosophy of Goonvean Fibres Ltd  which is why our collaboration is such a perfect fit. I know that our combined sales and technical teams will work very closely together to ensure that we offer a premium service and comprehensive range of products to our global battery customers. It’s great to be working with Converted Products Inc!”.

Goonvean Fibres was formed in 2004 when two long-established specialists in the fibre processing industry merged. F.H.Wrigley Ltd (Wrigley Fibres) and Lewis Industrial Products Ltd were both well known for producing precision short cut and random cut (ground) fibres and flocks, by combining their joint resources and decades of expertise one of Europe's largest technical fibre manufacturers was formed. Over the past 10 years Goonvean Fibres has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of short cut synthetic fibre to the global battery industry.

Chris Gorenc, Converted Products Inc President said that:

“After meeting John Opie at a Conference in China I was very much impressed with his vision and ideals about business and the ever changing global marketplace. Goonvean’s commitment to service, quality, integrity along with their creativity in offering value while remaining competitive is the model that Converted Products, Inc. has followed since our inception. I am confident that our two companies will complement each other as we continue supplying our growing customer base with the products, new technologies and services they need in today’s changing market.”  

In 1993, Converted Products, Inc. was founded by Chris Gorenc in West Allis, Wisconsin. Chris’ story is a perfect example of successful entrepreneurship in America. With ingenuity, solid business relationships, hard work and little money, Chris opened a slitting and die cutting business which served the Milwaukee area.

In two years, Converted Products, Inc. added sheeting and ultrasonic laminating capabilities and tripled in size. Five years later, more growth inspired the move to our current location in Milwaukee.

Converted Products, Inc dedicated team has over 30 years of contract converting experience with a 140,000 sq. ft facility. A wide variety of contract converting services are provided to clients worldwide. The company has grown considerably since 1993, remaining grounded in Chris’ original goal: to provide innovative solutions, competitive prices and personalized service.

Chris added “Our state of the art converting capabilities has positioned Converted Products, Inc. as a leader in the contract converting industry. Additionally our vast product and technical knowledge has positioned us to offer many new products, namely  CPI PasteLoc a high performance yet economical pasting paper that is being widely used in the Lead Acid Battery market”.

For additional information on how this collaboration could benefit your organisation please contact Goonvean Fibres and Converted Products Inc:

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